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Parallel Worlds

 / m²

A modern geometric wallpaper featuring parallel lines, wavy lines, and other shapes designed to create a calming effect. The various angles within the mural serve to naturally draw the eye around the room, highlighting the rest of your decor.

Average delivery time: 3-10 days
Material: Non-woven
Strip width: 50 cm / 19.685“
Other available colours:
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Technical Details

Material: Non-woven
Strip width: 50 cm / 19.685“

Use Cases and Tips

This geometric wallpaper design fits perfectly with a minimal design. Iron frames match especially well with the black lines. The minimalist pattern is also ideal for rooms with limited natural light.

About the Design

An engaging geometric design, this wallpaper can serve as a fantastic accent wall for a bedroom or study. Its simple lines and black-and-white design easily fit into any interior space.


Printed in Europe with safe certified toners
CE and JIS safety standards compliant
Up to 80% of natural components
FSC certified
Printed using solar energy

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Parallel Worlds

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