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How Much Do Wall Murals Cost?


    With so many options available when it comes to buying a wall mural, many people wonder how much wall murals actually cost. And by ‘wall murals’ we mean wallpaper murals, which have become a common wallcovering product (actually you can buy them on this site!). If you’re looking to get a painted wall instead, we’ve collected some price information on that too down below.

    We’ve looked at the top 10 most visited online places to buy a made-to-fit wall mural made from non-woven wallpaper material. The average price was 52 US$/m2 across all material options with most sellers offering a standard option as well as a more expensive “premium” or “heavy” material option that provides either a more matt or glossy wallpaper surface. We consider the use of non-woven wallpaper material the best option for a high-quality, long-lasting result on almost any interior wall surface. The ability to prepare your own wallpaper adhesive that can be adjusted based on the wall surface is an essential part of most successful wallpaper hangings. It also allows you to easily check your wall’s level of water absorption. The so-called “peel & stick” or “removable” wallpaper materials that already contain a wallpaper adhesive have been introduced by some wallpaper brands over recent years. However, besides delivering what we would call a less stable product, we noticed they end up costing 10 - 50% more than traditional, non-woven wallpaper murals.

    Now, if you’re looking to have your wall painted by a mural artist, you’re looking at a price tag that’s 4 to 6 times the price of a wallpaper mural. Of course, here you end up with a finished product, but even after accounting for the cost of a professional decorator (a service which we can only recommend), a painted wall mural will cost about 2 to 3 times the cost of a wallpaper mural, about 230 US$/m2.