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Forest Harmony

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An adorable design, this kids' wall mural is an amazing choice for any kids' room or nursery. The friendly animals make playtime even more fun and provide a sense of companionship in your child's room. The level of detail is truly unique and you will continue to find new hidden interactions among the forest creatures.

Average delivery time: 3-10 days
Material: Non-woven
Strip width: 50 cm / 19.685“
Technical Details

Material: Non-woven
Strip width: 50 cm / 19.685“

Use Cases and Tips

Perfect for nurseries, kids' rooms, or playrooms. A modern kids' wallpaper that can be scaled to fit nearly any wall. It can even be wrapped from one wall to the next, creating an entire room of forest friends.

About the Design

The highly unique design has been crafted with love. The original design was hand-painted by a loving mother for her toddler's room and this nature wallpaper looks more like a painting than a typical wall mural. These friendly animals will bring years of joy to any home.


Printed in Europe with safe certified toners
CE and JIS safety standards compliant
Up to 80% of natural components
FSC certified
Printed using solar energy

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Forest Harmony

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