How to measure your wall

Oddly-shaped wall

If your wall does not have a square or rectangular shape, simply measure its longest and widest parts and submit to us. You may also want to send us a quick sketch or photo of your wall with other relevant dimensions so we can adjust the design accordingly.

Wall with obstacles

If your wall includes any obstacles such as windows or doors you may like to let us know where they’re positioned and what their dimensions are (you can send us a sketch visualizing this). This way we can adjust your mural’s design to take these obstacles into account.

Multiple walls

If you want your mural to span two or more walls, simply add up the widths of the walls and submit as one measurement when placing an inquiry. Doing this will achieve a visual continuation of the design from one wall to another.

A Custom-Fit Mural

Your mural will have a rectangular shape and include adequate overlaps for easier installation. Whatever the shape of your wall (or ceiling), your mural’s product sheet will include all the relevant information you need for a successful installation.

When you measure your wall, only include dimensions of the area you want to cover with wallpaper, excluding any skirting board or coving. If you are looking to wallpaper a part of a wall without the mural reaching the left or right edge, let us know about this.