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Wallco launches

Press release

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Today we launch Wallco, a modern wallpaper brand focused on high-quality wallpaper products with distinctly unique designs. Wallco’s mission is to bring these products directly to consumers worldwide and to continue making it easier for everyone to choose and purchase wallpapers for the space they are looking to improve. As we slowly expand to every region in the world, we aim to cater to each local market while keeping our offering under one name.

Wallco offers custom-made wallpapers and wall murals made to fit any wall, with the possibility to adjust the design of the wall mural to also fit into the interior as a whole. The wallpaper can be chosen from the designs offered at Wallco.com, designed from scratch, or provided by the customer themselves — usually in the form of a photograph.

Wallco.com is a division of TECOM paper s.r.o., a family-owned printhouse with over 30 years of history and experience in the print industry. The company is located in Prague, in the very heart of Europe. It is here where each Wallco wallpaper is made and sent out to its final destination.

Published: November 28, 2021