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Vårlig glede

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A Scandinavian-inspired wallpaper, this floral design features subtle colours in a delicate pattern. Featuring a variety of flowers, you can transform any room in your home. Bring a touch of the outside in and breathe fresh life into your room.

Average delivery time: 3-10 days
Material: Non-woven
Strip width: 50 cm / 19.685“
Roll length: 10.07 m / 33′ 0.5“
Other available colours:
Technical Details

Material: Non-woven
Roll length: 10.07 m / 33′ 0.5“
Strip width: 50 cm / 19.685“
Horizontal repeat: 50 cm / 19.685“
Vertical repeat: 53 cm / 20.866“

Use Cases and Tips

This Scandinavian wallpaper is especially suited for browns, coppers, and golds and will bring the most out of any other furniture or decor of these colours in the room. The soft colours are also well suited for smaller rooms with less natural light.

About the Design

A traditional Scandinavian flower design wallpaper. The muted colours make it ideal for rooms with natural light. This wallpaper can add a touch of nostalgia to an otherwise modern room without seeming out of place.


Printed in Europe with safe certified toners
CE and JIS safety standards compliant
Up to 80% of natural components
FSC certified
Printed using solar energy

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Vårlig glede

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