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How To Wallpaper Around Windows And Doors


    Whether you need to apply your wallpaper around a window, door, or another type of obstacle on your wall, this article will help you understand and carry out the process yourself.

    As you hang the strips of your wallpaper, you approach a window on your wall. Part of the next strip you’d like to apply is overlapping the window. Depending on how much of the strip is overlapping, you may choose to shorten it the way you’d shorten the width of a wallpaper strip at a corner. You can place the strip on the wall before applying any paste, align it with the previous strip, and use a smoothing tool to press the strip along the borders of the window so that it gets visibly folded. Now, you can see an outline of the window’s border on the strip and use scissors to cut part of the strip out — make sure to cut 2-3 cm away from the border outline. This way only 2-3 cm of the strip will overlap into the window when you apply it onto the wall and it will be easier to handle the strip when applying and trimming the overlap away. When applying the strip to the pasted wall, use a smoothing tool to properly press the wallpaper along the border of the window and use a straightedge and a craft knife to trim the overlap away. When trimming you have to make sure you cut correctly at the top and bottom corners of the window (a door has only one corner to trim this strip around). You don’t want to cut into the part of the strip that sits on the wall, so cut carefully and make sure the blade is always sharp.

    Your window will probably be wide enough so that you will need to apply one or more short strips above and below it. After that, you will repeat the above process again for the other strip that will be applied around the other vertical part of the window or door frame.