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Über uns

Wir sind Wallco

Wallco ist eine multinationale, verbraucherorientierte Tapetenmarke. Wir sind sprach- und kulturbewusste Schöpfer, Designer und Entdecker, und alles, was wir tun, dient dem Endverbraucher. Wir sind die Tapete Ihrer Wahl, ganz gleich, an welchem Ort der Welt Sie sich befinden. Nehmen Sie einfach Kontakt mit uns auf.

Wallco is wallpaper

We founded Wallco with the intention of changing the world of wallpaper by creating unique mural designs that even traditional wallpaper buyers fall in love with. But it was also about offering a collection of curated designs that meet certain criteria. Over time, our vision became reality and today we keep it that way.

Wallco then

Wallco is a sum of values, skills, and approaches honed over time. A generation ago we were manufacturers of various paper and self-adhesive products and builders who knew and controlled every step of the process. We were perfectionists and with that, we often had no choice but to do it ourselves.

Wallco now

Later on, we realized we had all the tools to make a modern, high-quality wallpaper product and the ability to offer it worldwide directly to anyone looking to improve their personal space. That’s how Wallco was born and that’s what we do today. We are happy to be our own investors as well as a family business with over 30 years of history.

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